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About Me

hello i'm Michele, i'm my hometown lover !!! I love our cuisine , our ancient streets of the old town full of great stories , our taverns and our women , I'll take you on our hills , I'll teach you to make fresh pasta , I'll taste the real Bolognese hospitality , made ​​of nights costs around under endless arcades just lit for Nos sidetracked by emotion , and if you want to stay up late ( if you are a " Biassanot " a chewing nights ) , I'll take you in the most hidden and live clubs in the city , made ​​of high-quality music , then horse riding and cycling , you will love

Immediately available
Cooking lesson: how to make a perfect fresh sfoglina pasta with rolling pin
23,1€ /p.p.
Immediately available
walk to Villa Chigi , peace and relaxation stop at the refuge for a glass of good wine with caretaker tells stories
41,4€ /p.p.
Immediately available
Dinner on the terrace view of the two towers and the roofs of bologna
29,6€ /p.p.
Immediately available
Shopping in the markets of Bologna-stop for glass of wine Osteria del Sole
29,6€ /p.p.
Immediately available
Pic nic ai giardini Margherita/ villa Ghigi
29,6€ /p.p.

  • Lesson sfoglina fresh pasta rigorously rolling pin
    Esperienza coinvolgente e istruttiva. Michele bravo, simpatico e paziente anche con i bambini. Tagliatelle e ravioli buonissimi!
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    January 2016