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About Me

My name is Luigi and I live in Diamante (CS), a small town in the north of Calabria. My area is called “Riviera dei Cedri” which means cedar coastline. I love my place and I have usually lived here. I became interested in tourism some years ago. I followed a hotel management course, I worked for five summers in the tourist office of my hometown, and recently I obtained tour leader license. I love nature and take long walks. With me, you will discover how this area is full of history; culture and your eyes will be delighted by our beautiful landscapes. You will love our food and wine delicacies

Immediately available
The wall-painted city
29,4€ /p.p.
Immediately available
Withness from Paleolithic
55,9€ /p.p.
Immediately available
San Nicola Arcella and the Arcomagno
42,6€ /p.p.
Immediately available
Routes of Faith
34,1€ /p.p.

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