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About Me

Why am I the ideal Local Friend for anyone who wants to discover the treasurs of Florence and the evocative surroundings? How it often happens the answer can be traced back in time to when I was a child when the dreams are mixed up with games and fantasy. The love for the medieval age, its mistery, its stories, its precious objects and splendor of the aristocratic Courts.

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Florence: discover the secrets of Cascine Park
24€ /p.p.
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The countryside in town: Bellosguardo Hill, art & nature in Florence
24€ /p.p.
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Florence: guided tour of the historic center for curious and art lovers
30€ /p.p.
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Handicraft in Florence: discovering current artists and from the past
30€ /p.p.

  • Una passeggiata nel centro di Firenze
    Rubina T. E stata una guida professionale,esperta, dolce nel parlare, attenta alle esigenze del gruppo,puntuale , molto simpatica e che altro dire vi consiglio vivamente di passeggiare per Firenze con Rubina.
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    March 2017