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About Me

My name is Cristina, I am a Touristic Operator for Experiential Tourism and a Cultural Courier for Gorgonzola (MI). I like travelling and discovering new features in what is around me: new dishes, landscapes, traditions and cultures different I am curious about the background of whatever I see: how a product is made, who invented it, how a town was born and why in that very place ...etc ... And how I like legends and historical anecdotes! Such curious informations have necessarily to be shared with other people. For that reason I choose and I love my job.

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The gorgonzola cheese: from food for the needy to deliciuos ingredient
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Learning italian games
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  • Milan and the water paths: from Martesana Canal to the Canals Belt
    What a wonderful experience! Cristina has been very nice. We spent a few hours together in the city centre of Milan and Cristina has been able to let me see and enjoy so many things while having a good time talking and walking through the city. Moreover she has been very helpful. She helped me before the experience by giving me all the information I need when we were chatting in the Guide Me Right meeting page. has been a pleasure and I'll certainly do it again the next time I'll visit Italy
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    November 2015