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About Me

My name is Marco. I was born in Veneto, north Italy. In 2003 I moved in Florence to study at University. I fell in love with Tuscany and since then I’ve been living here, in the countryside between Florence and Siena. I love traditional food and red wines. I cook everyday for my family and when I find a free moment I get for a walk into the forests of Tuscany. I have a boundless love for art, from the Etruscans to Renaissance, until the contemporary era. I have a degree in History of Art at Florence University and I'm a licensed Tour Leader for Italy.

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Places to see in Tuscany: 2500 years in a day among myths e legends
94,3€ /p.p.
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Chianti Classico in my opinion
75,9€ /p.p.
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Morning Walk: La perduta città di Semifonte
66,9€ /p.p.
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Tour del Chianti - giornata intera
375€ /tot.

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