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HOW DO YOU LIKE TO SPEND YOUR HOLIDAYS ? What a great idea to have beside you a guide who respects your sense of independence and stimulates your desire for knowledge according to your style. Rome is a city full of visual charm, of color and energy in its own unique way and for those people who want a thematic tour of different periods or different subjects nothing is better that to be lead by a professional person that lives in Rome. Our proposals are made by enthusiastic locals who have a strong sense of identity, knowledge and interest in propose Rome, the city they so deeply love. Do you want to feel part of this? Do you want to discover more?

GED Fashion Institute nasce nel 2001 a Milano con un solo obiettivo, creare un Istituto d’avanguardia che preservi la tradizione della vera moda Italiana. Negli anni il nostro obiettivo è rimasto lo stesso. Scegliendo i professionisti più qualificati e affidandoci alle più moderne tecnologie, uniamo la forza della conoscenza e le esperienze con la visione pioneristica dei nostri esperti, continuando a fornire professionisti di altissimo livello all’industria della moda in tutto il mondo.