About Us

The Guide Me Right team merged with the core team of 1000 taly to provide its expertise and passion to one of the most important sector of the Travel Industry. Tour guides and local experts, service and hospitality providers can now get involved within a networked local offering by taking advantage of our new product: Edgar Smart Concierge.


Guide Me Right is a marketplace operating all around Italy where to book authentic experiences with local experts and tourists’ services with local service providers, and where to find all the needed information about the destination.


Edgar Smart Concierge is a digital concierge service that enable any hospitality provider to immediately create its own App so as to assist the Guests before, during and after their stay and to sell both internal and external services.

Our team

Luca Sini
Karin Venneri
Business Developer
Marcello Stani
Chiara Sini
Customer Service Manager
Anna Paola Pala
Social e Web Content Editor
Alessandro Casu
Software Developer
Domenico Gabriele
Lead Android Dev
Francesco Frascà
Lead iOS Dev
Federica Pisuttu
UX Designer

We would like to thank all those people that took part to our adventure and that contributed to make it possible: Andrea Zanda, Pietro Pirino, Gianluca Vinci, Federica Santulli, Alessio Pintus, Nicola Contu, Giuseppe Broccia, Andrea Murru, Luigi Deidda, Augusto Fazioli, Angela Angelini and all the others who supported our project.