We all love to travel while visiting friends.
We believe it is the best travel experience and we want to make it possible for everybody everywhere.


Luca Sini
Luca Sini (CEO) is part of the core management team, as well as the original creator of the project. His research activities on tourism, carried out both for his Masters thesis and for the MSc to the WBS, constitute the background of the GMR project. Luca has a Degree in Management and he spent many years abroad during his studies thanks to the Erasmus Scholarships. After working as e-commerce manager for an Italian fashion company, he moved to do a MSc in Management & Innovation. What better an outcome for a MSc in the UK, than to participate in a Startup Weekend in Sardinia to test a business idea? Luca thought it was normal, and that is how Guide Me Right started.

Augusto Fazioli
Augusto Fazioli, Chairman of Guide Me Right. Two Exit and 30 years of international managerial experience. Augusto joined the project as both Business Angel and Business Developer. He shares the values and mission of Guide Me Right and plays a pivotal role in the organization, where he adds the personal and professional experience that the team needed in order to keep growing.

Chiara Sini
Community Manager
Chiara Sini is the Community Manager of Guide Me Right. Chiara is graduated in Economy and Tourism. She investigated the role the Social Capital plays in the destinations’ touristic development. She has shared the project’s values and missions since its very beginning. Nowadays, Chiara takes care of the members of the Guide Me Right Community by delivering them the passion and comprehension that is needed in order to keep the community growing in a safe and upright way. She deeply believes in the project because she thinks this is the right way to the development of a sustainable tourism, even about cultural and social matters.

Paola Pala
Social & Content Manager
Paola Pala, Social & Content Manager of Guide Me Right. Social and touristic contents expert, Paola has the responsibility to let people see and understand the authenticity and the uniqueness of the experiences provided by the Local Friends. It is not easy to do it using just words and pictures. Hopefully Paola is able to communicate the values and the vision of the project because she actually shares them.

Riccardo Sirigu
Full Stack Developer
Riccardo Sirigu, Full stack developer of Guide Me Right. Riccardo is a real coding lover. Methodical and efficient, Riccardo joined the team because he was attracted by both the vision of the project and the technologies adopted. Nowadays, after and academic and extra-academic formation process, he autonomously applies those technologies. He is growing with the Guide Me Right team but he’s also actively contributing in the growth of the team itself.

Giuseppe Broccia
Android Lead Developer
Giuseppe Broccia, Android Lead Developer of Guide Me Right. Giuseppe, although he actually graduated in Computer Science, is a self-made developer. He managed to do it greatly because he truly loves technology. Giuseppe pubblished several game applications on the Google Play Store, reaching over 1M. users. He is the Android Lead Developer at Soundtracker and of Streamago Social (Tiscali).