Dance with the trees. Things to do in Arcola
 Dance with the trees. Things to do in Arcola
 Dance with the trees. Things to do in Arcola

Dance with the trees

Pin point Arcola
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Arianna C.
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Activity details
Something Different
Info time 5.0h
Info people min/max Up to 6 People

Activity description

The activity includes a part of heating, a part dedicated to individual work, another part dedicated to dancing in pairs or in groups and finally the last part of the activity will focus on improvisation and relaxation. Exercises will be performed based on listening to the other person, balance, counterbalance, weight and so on. The dance will take place with music but sometimes even in silence. You will listen to the sound of the wind in the leaves of the trees and you will feel the contact with them, a source of powerful energy and strength. You will dance with them as if they were our dancers: they can support us, we can caress them and try various supports. The movement should not be beautiful but true so that it becomes a dance capable of expressing the feelings, the emotions of each of us. This dance aims to improve one's own interpersonal skills, the psychophysical well-being and the development of a deep awareness that will lead one to think of one's body in healthier and more positive terms. So the limits of each can become real strengths and tools to express their potential. Come and dance with us!

Ideal for
Lifestyle: Pet Lover
Pet Lover
Lifestyle: Responsible
Lifestyle: Rural Lover
Rural Lover
Lifestyle: Excursionist
Lifestyle: Athletic
Lifestyle: Eco-Friendly

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22,9€ /p.p.

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