Walk in the woods. Things to do in Arcola
Walk in the woods. Things to do in Arcola
Walk in the woods. Things to do in Arcola

Walk in the woods

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Arianna C.
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Activity details
Something Different
Info time 4.0h
Info people min/max Up to 8 People

Activity description

The activity consists of a quiet walk in the woods in the company of a donkey to observe the surrounding landscape around us. We will follow a short path in the green to then go from the village of Cerri and then from the villages of Pugliola, Solaro to finally get to the sea.

During the silent walk some pictures will be taken. For those who want to continue you can continue the ride to San Terenzo and Lerici. I recommend you wear a comfortable suit. Donkeys are social animals that love company, they are intelligent and sensitive to the opposite of what they say. They are affectionate and very playful. Those who want to can learn many things about them and their character, can interact with him and it will seem to go back to the old days when it was normal to meet the donkeys in the streets.

You will see how it will be fun to observe him in his movements: sometimes he will want to run and he will ask you to run with him, others will want to stop to eat an apple that is a delicacy for him. Walking with him you will be able to return even for a moment to the slow natural rhythms that will make you forget the frenzy of the urban world.

Ideal for
Lifestyle: Pet Lover
Pet Lover
Lifestyle: Responsible
Lifestyle: Rural Lover
Rural Lover
Lifestyle: Excursionist
Lifestyle: Athletic
Lifestyle: Eco-Friendly

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19,2€ /p.p.

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