Assaggiami - homemade food experience. Things to do in Barberino Val D'elsa
Assaggiami - homemade food experience. Things to do in Barberino Val D'elsa
Assaggiami - homemade food experience. Things to do in Barberino Val D'elsa
Assaggiami - homemade food experience. Things to do in Barberino Val D'elsa

Assaggiami - homemade food experience

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Dinner or lunch in a typical country house set in the hills of Chianti, the menu is decided with you in advance and will be homemade food cooking by myself and my partner, following recipes handed down in the family of typical Florentine culinary tradition. The convivial atmosphere will be an excellent opportunity to know and to deepen the traditional Tuscan cuisine , we will be happy to tell you curious and traditions of our land and you can also watch the preparation of some dishes to discover the history and secrets . Italian cuisine is regional cuisine. In each region you visit, you can taste a piece of the true Italian cuisine, but just knowing it closely you can understand the true traditional cuisine, born and agrees to the prouduct that each area offers. I was born in the heart of Florence in one of the neighborhoods that always carries on the tradition of Florentine street food par excellence "il lampredotto." My partner was born and raised in the hills of Chianti, in a farm where the fireplace and grandmother in the kitchen represented the heart of the home. With us it will be possible for those who love strong flavors taste main dishes, boiled meat( lesso alla fiorentina), stuffed neck ( collo ripieno), livers on red wine ( fegatelli al vino rosso), wild pig (cinghiale), roe deer ( capriolo), pheasant( fagiano). Dishes that represent the culture of our country, as the soup of bread, tomato soup, onion soup, mushroom soup, the white beans and ragù sauce, all rigorously cooked with km 0 product and following seasonal vegetables. All it accompanied by an excellent Chianti wine of course. You can also taste cheese from a near farm if you want. What we offer is not just a meal, but an adventure in the true flavors of the culinary tradition of the Florentine families.

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Via Roma, Tavarnelle
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Strada di Vico, Pastine
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