Cagliari's Ancient Heart. Things to do in Cagliari
Cagliari's Ancient Heart. Things to do in Cagliari
Cagliari's Ancient Heart. Things to do in Cagliari

Cagliari's Ancient Heart

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We are going to find out the secrets of the most ancient quarter of the city. Castello is one of the four historic quarters of Cagliari and rises upon a calcareous summit that dominates the city from above. The district, that was originally built by the Pisans, will remain in your heart and memory with his old palaces, his majestic towers, his narrow dark streets, his macabre tales. Depending on the preferences walking tour could includes Archeological Museum's guided visit. As an alternative walking tour through historic quarters of Marina and Stampace. free child up to five years old from five to ten years 3 euro


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