a photo session by mountain bike . Things to do in Casoli
a photo session by mountain bike . Things to do in Casoli
a photo session by mountain bike . Things to do in Casoli

a photo session by mountain bike

Pin point Casoli
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Manuela T.
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Something Different
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Abruzzo is a region known for the national parks present and the beautiful mountains. Why instead won't know it for the beautiful coastline that offers extraordinary landscapes and the uncontaminated oasis? A mountain bike experience on dirt tracks in the nature of the Oasis Serranella WWF, a swamp rich of life and one of the most important areas for the resting of migratory birds; or along the coast where trabocchi, strange and complex fishing machines on piles connected to the shore by thin footbridges, are the masters. And then with the good seasons at the doors ... we just have to put our backpack and camera to capture places and the most evocative moments.

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Easy Going
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Rural Lover
Lifestyle: Curious
Lifestyle: Photographer

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20,5€ /p.p.

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