In the heart of the mountains. Things to do in Pasturo
In the heart of the mountains. Things to do in Pasturo
In the heart of the mountains. Things to do in Pasturo
In the heart of the mountains. Things to do in Pasturo
In the heart of the mountains. Things to do in Pasturo

In the heart of the mountains

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Home to a famous fortress, the fraction of Baiedo, seems to expect to recount the exploits of the glorious past .... a mystery remained around the fortress of Baiedo, the ruins of its castle, the alleged secrets that seem to have remained hidden between the cliffs are difficult to access, secrets that evoke struggles, conspiracies, years of tyranny and terror, celebrities, leaders and damsels. It 'a natural lookout between steep cliffs and the stream Pioverna. The itinerary is fairly short and easy, but with a small deviation will allow us to reach even the famous Red Rocks, whose origin brings us back in time when the present continents did not exist, when our Alpine territory was dominated from a tropical climate, when the Alps and the Appenines did not exist yet. There will be time to pick up the chestnuts in the enchanted woods that we will cross and to finish a tour in the country of Introbio to recall the dark ages of the Inquisition, to approach the infamous place where the "witches" were condemned and burned! Between history and nature, a truly dense day of mystery and joy.

  • guided walk with explanations
  • visit of the ruins of the fortress
  • visit of the village of Introbio
  • guided tour of the waterfall if the time available is enough

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Lifestyle: Excursionist
Lifestyle: Curious
Lifestyle: Responsible
Lifestyle: Globetrotter
Lifestyle: Pet Lover
Pet Lover

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9,5€ /p.p.

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