Panorama Tour in Rome (photographic). Things to do in Roma
Panorama Tour in Rome (photographic). Things to do in Roma
Panorama Tour in Rome (photographic). Things to do in Roma
Panorama Tour in Rome (photographic). Things to do in Roma
Panorama Tour in Rome (photographic). Things to do in Roma
Panorama Tour in Rome (photographic). Things to do in Roma

Panorama Tour in Rome (photographic)

Pin point Roma
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Roberto G.
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Info time 3.0h
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Activity description

A literally exhilarating tour among the most beautiful and panoramic views of archaeological Rome and beyond.

Three hours walking around monuments, panoramic terraces overlooking the city and archaeological excavations.

It starts from the Circo Massimo underground station and arrives at the Colosseum. At the end of the tour it is possible to continue for the second part which is called "Rome of other times".

After a nice breakfast in Roman style (included) we start for the tour that takes you to photograph the most beautiful corners of archaeological Rome from unusual points of view and some really exclusive.

We will photograph the Circus Maximus, the Orange Garden with its view of Rome, the hole in the door from which we see the "Cupolone" and we will arrive at the Roman Forum and the Campidoglio passing through San Giorgio in Velabro. It all ends in beauty with breathtaking views of the Colosseum.

I will suggest to you the best points of view for unforgettable images.

Take your camera with all the lenses that you have: you need a wide angle and a teleconverter. You will use all of them for to do shoots at landscapes and architecture and monuments details.

Always wear a good pair of shoes, in summer it is good to have a hat and a bottle of water, and in winter an umbrella or raincoat.

  • Roman breackfast at bar

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Lifestyle: Photographer
Lifestyle: Globetrotter
Lifestyle: Curious
Lifestyle: Easy Going
Easy Going
Lifestyle: Casual
Lifestyle: Creative

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41,4€ /p.p.

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