Photo Trekking of Capo Testa. Things to do in Santa Teresa Gallura
Photo Trekking of Capo Testa. Things to do in Santa Teresa Gallura
Photo Trekking of Capo Testa. Things to do in Santa Teresa Gallura
Photo Trekking of Capo Testa. Things to do in Santa Teresa Gallura

Photo Trekking of Capo Testa

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Another great itinerary for photo enthusiasts. Your friends on social media will crave for these shots! We'll start from the beach of the two seas, the famous sandy isthmus that connects the Capo Testa peninsula to the rest of Santa Teresa Gallura. We will cross a short wooded section to reach the cliff overlooking the sea and the area known as Li graniti. Passing through a narrow valley between the wind shaped stones, we will arrive at the first boulder beach, where we can take other photos and then continue along the almost deserted area and reach a first little juniper forest where to look for a little shade and continue with the photographs. After climbing a short sandy ridge we'll head for one of the original forests of the place, with centuries-old plants, baked by the sun and carved for centuries of exposure to weather. All around you'll be able to admire the enormous granite conformations, always different in shapes and colors, never boring. We will then descend in a valley blocked by large boulders of the precious stone, until reaching the foot of Mount Torraccia and the famous Cala Grande, where there are still some communities of Hippyes from the 70s. After a lunch break and a restoring bath, we will continue the journey through the meditterrean scrub to reach the legendary Valley of the Moon, where you can have fun taking pictures of the crystal sea, the "Indian" totem or the Torraccia mountain overlooking you from its top at 137mt. Going up the valley we will also visit the quarry where the Romans produced columns and other architectural elements for their magnificent monuments. After pictures of ritual we will return, unless you'd like a surprise deviation, to the parking lot where the cars are waiting for us, or why not, another well-deserved bath in the crystalline waters of the twin beaches.

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