Vademecum Community
These are some tips to allow our community to grow up fine. People who want to join us, have to:
  • fill in carefully their profile and tell about themselves honestly.
  • be friendly with the other community members.
  • reply always to the received messages, even if they are not available, within eight hours.
  • after the Experience, share their personal review with the community. If they are very good, they leave a review within 24 hours after the Experience ;).
  • provide their phone number for a last minute arrangement chat.
  • take care of their profile: they update it and verify their account.
  • if their friends share the same values, they invite them to join the Guide Me Right Community ;).
Local Friends are the reason why we are here.
We love them because they:
  • passionately share their lifestyle, take their friends with them during the activities, and treat the Guest like a new friend.
  • suggest something else if they cannot fulfil a request.
  • do their “homework” before the experience e.g. by visiting the place they're going to present to the Guest before the meeting.
  • involve the Guest with the Guide Me Right mood: they're happy to see the community grow up.
  • make the guest feel welcome and do what they can to satisfy his/her needs.
Every Guest is special and can enjoy the experience in the best way if he:
  • are aware of buying a life experience and not a simple service or activity.
  • is not looking for the usual holiday service: the experience with a Local Friend is unique, not just another package tour ;).
  • takes part in the experience actively by sharing his passions and tell something about him.
  • responds to courtesy in the most suitable way: equal courtesy!