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The Volterra alabaster is famous all over Europe thanks to the great skill of master craftsmen. A simple visit doesn’t be enough to understand the history and great amount of work behind every single piece of Volterra alabaster. This is why you should spend a different day as an Alabaster...
The caves are something unique usually located in secret corners which present amazing views painted by nature over the years. The ‘Brocche Rotte Cave’ in Alghero is one of those magical places accessible by a panoramic route near Capo Caccia.
All types of travelers will find something special to fall in love with the Sardinian Barceloneta. Obviously, the first thing to do in Alghero is find out its coast and only with a Local Friend you'll be sure to discover not only its best beaches, nut also the most secret ones.
How Guide Me Right works? As you can see in this short video, it is very easy! Create and personalize your profile, find or offer activities all around Italy and join travellers who share with us the same passions and lifestyles...
With an enthusiastic local friend as Stefania, each place is even more unique and special. Born and raised in Alghero, she'll show you the heart of the city among history and curiosities while sharing with you her love for good food, wine and sea.
Discover a new way of traveling and live the city! Guide Me Right is a community of enthusiastic and curious travellers where book or offer authentic local experiences. How it works? Take a look to this short video: it is very easy and funny!
Our payoff is ‘Guide Me Right – your local friend everywhere’. This means that you can have a special guide, who passionately share their lifestyle, in each destination you’re going to visit. Find the Local Friend close by you, book an activity and enjoy unique local experiences.
Travelling with Guide Me Right: what does it mean? In this video you can see two different situations able to show you as sharing places, lifestyle and time resonate emotions. Discover a new way of traveling and live the city!