Why Guide Me Right
Just some reasons why to join the Guide Me Right Community

Because Guide Me Right is a Community of curious and enthusiastic travellers who to live authentic experiences with. To travel is better when we visit a friend of us who share with us his passions and lifestyles.

Think about Guide Me Right as a friend in common that introduces curious travellers with enthusiastic local people.

Are you a traveller and for you is not enough to travel just like a tourist?
Become a Guest
  • Meet new Local Friends who you share interests and passions with.
  • Get involved with places, environments and activities inaccessible otherwise.
  • Choose amongst many authentic local activities.
  • Discover the reviews of the other Community members.
  • Share your review about the experience with the Guide Me Right Community.
  • Enjoy a new and involving travel and social experience.

Earn money and have fun by sharing your free time via Guide Me Right
Become a Local Friend
  • Meet new people, enjoy different cultures and places.
  • Actively promote and live your own territory.
  • Manage your offer and availability through the App.
  • Gain GMR Points by offering experiences to your Guests.
  • Get rated on GuideMeRight and increase your hourly fee.
  • Share your local knowledge and lifestyle.

The Guide Me Right Experience