Colosseum tour with Pantheon and the beauty of Rome tour. Cosa fare a Roma
Colosseum tour with Pantheon and the beauty of Rome tour. Cosa fare a Roma
Colosseum tour with Pantheon and the beauty of Rome tour. Cosa fare a Roma
Colosseum tour with Pantheon and the beauty of Rome tour. Cosa fare a Roma

Colosseum tour with Pantheon and the beauty of Rome tour

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Would you like to take a step back in time? Are you curious to discover more about gladiators, great rulers, emperors and popes? Let's discover together Roman history! This experience also allows you to learn about obelisks and ancient divine statues, medieval buildings, renaissance and baroque monuments and fountains, legends and traditions still alive, because this tour includes some of the main attractions of Rome: Venice Square, the Sacred Area where Julius Caesar was murdered, the Pantheon and Navona Square, the most famous baroque masterpiece. Everyone has heard about the Colosseum growing up so it is obviously a priority when you come to Rome. Built nearly 2,000 years ago, still today the Colosseum is one of the most iconic monuments in the history of mankind! But we don’t want to just show you the monument; we want to make it come alive for you. To relive the last moments of a gladiator, to hear the roaring crowd of more than 60,000 people and feel the awe that someone who’s first time in Rome would have felt at the grandeur and magnificence of the Eternal City. We will then take you to the Roman Forum (external examination) and tread upon the same roads whose feet would have felt Julius Caesar, Augustus and every other famous person you have ever heard about from ancient times. We will show you the Senate House and the place where Julius Caesar’s ashes were placed.Next, you will walk along the Imperial Fora, a series of public squares constructed between 46 B.C. and 113 A.D, getting to Venice Square that still celebrates the Unification of Italy with its imposing national monument, the Vittoriano. In the same square you will recognize the famous balcony from which Mussolini spoke to his people before and during the Second World War. Continuing, you will discover that the current city was built on the ruins of the ancient one. With you local guide you will stop in Torre di Largo Argentina to meditate on the place where Julius Caesar was assassinated. From here move to Piazza della Rotonda where you will find in front of you one of the most beautiful and best preserved building from ancient times, the Pantheon. It’s story begins nearly 2000 years ago when Agrippa, faithful friend of Augustus had a temple dedicated to all the gods in the heaven. What are you waiting for?

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Via del Colosseo, Roma
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Via del Colosseo, Roma
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